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Roebuck hunting on the Isle of Bute Scotland

Join us on this exciting spring buck hunt for 3 days in an incredibly beautiful environment on Isle of Bute in Scotland.

Our trip includes:

The hunt on Isle Of Bute, Scotland

29.995kr per person

 Available dates in 2024 and 2025:
Custom date requests are available. Contact us for more information at [email protected] or contact us on 031-320 41 00

For three days we hunt roe deer in the spring in Scotland. ISLE OF BUTE has a dense population of deer and hunting here is usually very eventful with a lot of game in sight. The hunt is challenging with its varied environment and climate. 

In Scotland, we hunt with guides with a lot of experience with the game and the area, they are very keen to present great experiences to the hunters. The organizer on site is responsible for the hunt on the entire island of Bute and therefore has a very good overview of the game and nature and manages the game management in a good way.

The Isle of Bute is an island outside Glasgow in Scotland. The island is about 15,000 hectares and has an absolutely fantastic nature with a beautiful view. On the island there is the classic Scottish highlands with rapid weather changes and varying winds, but also arable land and fields with forest groves. This provides a wonderful challenge both physically and in terms of hunting. The hunt demands a lot of the hunter. 

Here on Bute there is a dense population of deer and we expect to kill about 3 bucks per person, this is also included in the price. Should you want to buy more bucks, there may be this possibility, depending on the year's management plan, which is determined after each year's hunt.season.

Travel & accommodation on the Isle of Bute in Scotland

We start the journey by flying to Glasgow in Scotland from Gothenburg, Stockholm or Copenhagen.  

Our organizer will be waiting at the airport to help you with your bags and any weapons. Then a 2-hour drive to the island of Bute awaits you. Here you have the chance to see Scotland's beautiful countryside. When we arrive at the accommodation we will be welcomed by our guides. Then there is time to land and get settled in the rooms. There is also time for a pre-drink before enjoying a home-cooked welcome dinner.

The guide will give a pre-hunt briefing in the evening and then some sleep before the adventure begins in earnest!

We live in a classic "British" stone house with a picturesque style.

The accommodation serves homemade breakfast and dinner. The food is prepared with local ingredients from the island; home-grown potatoes and red deer fillet from previously hunted game .

If you want to go out and see some of the island during the week, this is also possible. There are various attractions nearby.

Good to know!

It is possible to bring your own gun to Scotland, although it is complicated after Brexit.Rental guns are included in the price. We recommend that you borrow guns on site. These guns are good quality 270win, 308win, 30-06 with appropriate optics and silencers and leg rests.

If you want to bring your own weapon, we will help you with this. 

Hunting film from Bute in Scotland

Madeleine from SidebySide has been to Bute in Scotland and hunted Roebuck with us! Do not miss her experiences and the nice bucks that she managed to catch. Check out the videos to get an idea of what this hunting trip is like! She has divided her journey into two different videos. See both below:

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29.995kr per person

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Frequently asked questions for our hunting trips

Should your trip be canceled due to Corona, you will be offered the opportunity to reschedule your trip to a later date or refund the total amount you paid at the time of booking.

To take a hunting weapon out of the country, you need an EU passport for your weapon. You can apply for this from the police. Read more on the police website. You should apply for this immediately when booking a trip as it can take a few weeks to process. Processing times at the police vary.

Before the trip, you also need to fill in a form on the Swedish Customs website. Read more here. Before your trip, we will let you know what information you need to fill in and guide you on how to check in hunting weapons at the airport.

Silencers are allowed in Scotland.

When booking, a deposit of SEK 9,000 is invoiced, which must be paid within 10 days. Closer to departure, the remaining amount is invoiced, the remaining amount must be paid no later than 40 days before departure. Any trap fees will be invoiced after returning home.

If you want to pay your invoice by card, we recommend using the Betalo payment service.

Going on a hunting trip means new experiences and memories for life. Unfortunately, it's not possible to control everything that happens, and sometimes unexpected things happen that can cause problems. So it's good to be insured both before and during your trip.

Often the travel protection included in home insurance and credit cards does not cover everything you need or want.

To make you feel as safe as possible when traveling with us, we have chosen to cooperate with Europeiska ERV, which has over 100 years in the industry. Together with Europeiska ERV, we offer their Travel Insurance Plus and Cancellation Protection. If you want to know more or want to take out an insurance, please contact us and we will help you with this.