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Deer hunting in Hungary

From 21.990kr per person

What is included in the price of the trip
  • Hunting for 3 days - whole organization
  • Airfare from Stockholm, Gothenburg or Copenhagen - T/R (Airfare is subject to change after booking)
  • Transfer airport to the territory - T/R
  • Accommodation for 4 days - Full board
  • 4×4 transportation on the hunting ground - T/R
  • Swedish tour guide throughout the trip
What is added
  • Shooting fees apply, see price examples below.
  • Tips (about 100 euros)
  • Any alcoholic beverages

For three days, we embark on an exciting hunt for wild boar and red deer in game-rich areas during a well-organized driven hunt in Hungary. Our partner in Hungary has access to fantastic areas where game is abundant and they are dedicated to offering outstanding experiences.

It is important to mention that in Hungary, it is not allowed to shoot antlered deer during drive hunts. Instead, we focus on maximizing the shooting of trophy deer during the pyr hunts and the shooting of other types of game during the drive hunts.

Our hunting grounds in Hungary offer a high kill of red deer, fallow deer and wild boar. During a successful driven hunt in Hungary, it is possible to kill between 80 and 120 game within a group of 10-15 hunters. The number can vary depending on the area we hunt and how the shooting opportunities are managed.

Our drive hunts in Hungary are well planned and executed with care. We have access to nice passes with clearly cleared shooting lanes, and our drivers are skilled at driving the game towards the passes. Usually there are 3-4 shoots per day and between the shoots we serve coffee and lunch. At the end of the day, the game and all involved are honored with an impressive ceremony and game parade.

Travel and accommodation

We fly to Budapest in Hungary from Gothenburg, Stockholm or Copenhagen. Then a car ride of about 30 minutes up to 4 hours awaits, depending on the hunting area we are going to hunt.

We are welcomed by our guides on arrival. Then there is time for a pre-drink in the bar before a nice dinner.

Accommodation is in double rooms but single rooms can be arranged on request. The food is traditional Hungarian food where breakfast and dinner are served at the accommodation and lunch is served out on the hunting ground, often at a traditional hunting lodge.

After 3 hunting days we end our trip with a nice dinner. 

Why choose driven hunt in Hungary?

A driven hunt in Hungary is an incredibly good hunt with a well-run organization, lots of game in the pass and nice accommodation with Hungarian food.

Here you have the chance to kill a lot of game on a classic European driven hunt. Please note, however, that no antlered deer may be killed during driven hunts in Hungary.

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Price examples of trapping fees:
A group of 10 people goes to Hungary on a driven hunt in our area, Valko.
The basic price is 21 990: - per person, which includes the hunt, flight, accommodation, full board, transfer from airport and transportation during the hunt.
The group traps 60-70 game evenly distributed on red deer and wild boar in different sizes. Trapping fees are then about 20 000:- per person.
The total price is then about 43 000:- per person .
What is added is any alcoholic beverage and tips.

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