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GOAT HUNTING on Crown Game
Halle Hunneberg

12.488 kr incl. VAT

(9.990kr excl. VAT)

  • 25 - 26 October 2024

This is part of this pleasant drive hunt at the historic Halle Hunneberg:

  • Hunting on 26 October 2024 
  • The whole organization of hunting
  • Nice lunch before the last sauce 
  • Hotel night - Share in double room
  • 3-course dinner the night before the hunt
  • 1st capital Red Deer - 12+ tags
  • 2pcs Stags - 1-6 tags
  • Up to 3 crown hinds and 6 crown calves
  • Free shooting of wild boar

Drive hunting

Join us for a memorable hunting experience on the ancient lands of Halle Hunneberg, where we will follow in the footsteps of the King and hunt red deer and wild boar. We have been given an exclusive opportunity to participate in a magnificent driven hunt in this exceptional area. Access to these lands is rare, as they have historically been reserved for the King and the court. If we are lucky, we may even get the chance to hunt from the famous 'King's Pass' on one of the hunting days.


Both mountains Halleberg and Hunneberg have a long and rich cultural history, and their mythical nature has shaped and sustained the people in the area for thousands of years. The old croft environments with their open, bright hay meadows and pastures take us back to the landscape of bygone times and create an atmosphere of historical charm. Sveaskog works actively to preserve and develop this unique forest landscape for future generations.


Before the actual hunt takes place, all hunters gather at the picturesque Ronnums Herrgård for a pleasant evening together with a 3-course dinner. It is an evening filled with anticipation and excitement for the upcoming hunting days on the King's ancient land.

We will be a group of 15 shooters coming together for this memorable day of hunting. During the day we hunt in three different seasons. The hunt is always full of surprises, but we have reasonable expectations to shoot about 6-12 game during the day. Of course, the number can be even higher depending on luck and skill.

Our scheme includes the possibility of killing up to 12 red deer, as well as an unlimited bag of wild boar. As for the red deer, it is distributed as follows: 3 red deer, one of which is a capital deer and the other two have between 1-6 tags, as well as 3 doe and 6 fawns.

Lunch is served between the second and last sauce.

The day will end in a memorable way with a game parade and a heartfelt thank you. 

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