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Driven hunt on Värmdö

8.500 kr ex. VAT


22 - 23 Nov 2024

This is part of the hunt in Värmdö, just outside Stockholm:

  • Hunting during 1 day
  • 1 hotel night the day before the hunt - Share in a double room
  • 3-course dinner the night before 
  • The whole organization of hunting
  • lunch  
  • Free on fallow deer, fallow deer calves and fallow deer pups and wild boar.
  • 1st fallow deer (Helskovel) for the whole group
  • Roe deer under current game management 
  • fox 

This may be additional:

  • 1 extra Big Fallow Buck: 10 000kr 

Drive hunting

Join us on this exciting hunting adventure on Värmdö outside Stockholm!

We have been given the unique opportunity to organize three wonderful drive hunts on this beautiful land area on Värmdö. 

The land is adjacent to a golf course and is surrounded by a scenic environment with a variety of woodlands and fields creating a varied terrain. Most of the land is located on a small peninsula and offers a really exciting hunting experience. Fallow deer is the main prey, although we also have the opportunity to hunt wild boar and deer.

Despite the limited area of about 500 hectares, the animal populations are carefully managed with a well-balanced culling and regular feeding to ensure healthy populations.

We will be a group of 10-12 hunters on this hunt and plan to conduct three driven hunts during the day. Hunting is always a challenge, and we expect to bag between 5 and 15 game during the day, although results may vary depending on the skill of the shooters and the prevailing weather conditions. This will be a memorable hunting experience in a beautiful and unique setting.

It includes 1st capital Dovhjort for the whole group. There is a possibility to buy an extra Dovhjort.

We pause between the second and last sowing for a nice lunch before continuing. The day ends with a game parade and thanksgiving in front of crackling fires in the courtyard.

This event starts with an overnight stay at Siggesta Gård, which is close to the hunting ground. A three-course dinner is served here and there is access to a sauna.

This package is ideal for the hunter who appreciates good food in a beautiful setting and socializing, combined with a wonderful hunting experience. hunting day.

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