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Driven hunt in Poland

Join an adrenaline-filled driven hunt in Poland for red deer, wild boar, roe deer and predators. All trapping fees are included, including two capital red deer per hunting day up to 4 kg trophy. 

This is included in the price:

Information on the DREVJACKET in POLAND

29.995 SEK per person

Contact us at [email protected] or call us on +46 313 20 41 00 to register your interest.

We travel by minibus from Gothenburg early in the morning to Trelleborg, and from there take the ferry to Swinoujscie and on to the hunting grounds in Poland.

If you prefer to drive yourself, this is also possible. From the ferry port in Poland to the hunting grounds it takes just over 3 hours so we arrive just in time for dinner.

We hunt in northwestern Poland, not far from the German border.

African swine fever is present in Poland and we are keeping up to date with our Polish colleagues. No cases have been found in the vicinity of the area we are hunting but we urge everyone to be very careful to wash and clean clothes and equipment to reduce the risk of spread. 

What is included in the price:

Hunting during 3 days including the whole event

Free shooting of wild boar, barley calf, crowned hind and fox.

Includes 2 red deer trophies up to 4 kg per hunting day for the whole party. Deer trophies beyond this will be invoiced to the shooter afterwards according to the price list.

Travel by minibus t/r Gothenburg - Poland

Ferry tickets

4×4 transportation on the hunting ground throughout the hunt

Full board accommodation 

All food and non-alcoholic drinks in Poland

What is added:

Red deer trophies over 4kg will be added according to the price list. This will be invoiced to each shooter afterwards. 


Crown >4kg.

4.0 - 4.49 kg: PLN 5 000

4.50 - 4.99 kg: PLN 5 500

5.00 - 5,49 kg 6 000 PLN

5.50 - 6.99 kg 7 000 PLN

6.00 - 6.49 kg 8 200 PLN

6.50 - 6.99 kg 9 000 PLN

7,00 - 7,49 kg 9 500 PLN

(+45PLN for every 10 grams over 7kg) 

7.50 - 7.99 kg 12 000 PLN

(+50PLN for every 10 grams over 7.5kg)

8.00 kg and more 15 000 PLN

(+60PLN for every 10 grams over 8kg)

Contact us to book

Contact us at [email protected] to make a reservation.

Trophy fees are displayed in Polish Zloty (PLN). Exchange rates change
(The trophy weight refers to horns, with the upper jaw, nasal bones and
head of acorn without sawing the trophy).

Frequently asked questions for our hunting trips

  • No cases have yet ever been detected in the area we are hunting. But!
  • Recommend that clothes be washed at 60 degrees on return home
  • Equipment, shoes and clothes that cannot be machine washed at 60 degrees should be cleaned of dirt and blood with a brush and water (pay attention to the sole of the shoes). Then store them in an airy room for at least a week before using them again. The waiting time is of great importance!

Should your trip be canceled due to Corona, you will be offered the opportunity to reschedule your trip to a later date or refund the total amount you paid at the time of booking.

To take a hunting weapon out of the country, you need an EU passport for your weapon. You can apply for this from the police. Read more on the police website. You should apply for this immediately when booking a trip as it can take a few weeks to process. Processing times at the police vary.

Before the trip, you also need to fill in a form on the Swedish Customs website. Read more here. Before the trip, we will tell you what information you need to fill in. This includes the registration number of the vehicle we are traveling in.

Unfortunately, silencers are not allowed to be used in Poland.

When booking, a deposit of SEK 7,000 is invoiced, which must be paid within 10 days. Closer to departure, the remaining amount will be invoiced, the remaining amount must be paid no later than 40 days before departure. Any trap fees will be invoiced after returning home. Any trophies other than those included (up to 4kg) will be invoiced upon return.

If you want to pay your invoice by card, we recommend using the payment service Betalo.

Going on a hunting trip means new experiences and memories for life. Unfortunately, it's not possible to control everything that happens, and sometimes unexpected things happen that can cause problems. So it's good to be insured both before and during your trip.

Often the travel protection included in home insurance and credit cards does not cover everything you need or want.

To make you feel as safe as possible when traveling with us, we have chosen to cooperate with Europeiska ERV, which has over 100 years in the industry. Together with Europeiska ERV, we offer their Travel Insurance Plus and Cancellation Protection. If you want to know more or want to take out an insurance, please contact us and we will help you with this.