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Fair competition, win a hunting trip to Namibia!

Value approx. 32.995 SEK

Want to win a hunting experience in Namibia where everything is included, except trapping fees?

The competition is simple, answer two questions and sign up for our newsletter below.


Question 1:
How many years has Waidmann Hunting Tours been in existence? 4 years, 8 years, or 10 years?


Question 2:
How long are the horns of this Oryx that was killed on our hunting ground in Namibia?


Answer below

The winner is the person who answers the questions correctly and comes closest to the correct length of the horns. The competition will run until November 1, 2024 and the winner will be chosen by a Waidmann jury. The winner will be notified in person and announced on Waidmann's Instagram and Facebook. The prize is personal and non-transferable, and any prize tax will be paid by the winner. Employees of Waidmann may not participate.


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