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Black bear hunting in Canada

Stalking on black bear in the Canadian Rockies!

This hunting experience combines adventure and enjoyment in an outstanding way. You will be looked after by our experienced guides who own a large horse ranch and extensive hunting grounds with a beautiful lodge. Here you will enjoy comfortable beds and delicious dinners every night, while during the days you will hunt black bear together with the guides in a fantastic environment and in a very exciting way.

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Hunting in Canada

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Welcome to an exciting adventure in Canada - Black Bear Hunting!

Do you dream of experiencing a great hunt in the wild and untouched forests of Canada? Then this is the trip for you! Our exclusive hunting trips to Canada offer an unforgettable hunting experience, where the details are carefully planned to ensure you get the very best out of your trip.

We guarantee you an exciting and safe experience. Our experienced guides have in-depth knowledge of the area and its black bear population. They will lead you to the best spots where you have the best chance of seeing and killing the right bear.

We offer different arrangements for our black bear hunts. The most common is a wake hunt from a hunting tower, which gives you the opportunity to get close to the game in a unique way. Alternatively, you can choose Stalking in the mountains and forests, an experience that is not only incredibly exciting but also a great nature experience.

To ensure ethical and sustainable hunting, we only work with partners who share our views on responsible game management. Our aim is to not only provide you with an unforgettable hunting experience, but also to promote wildlife populations for future generations.

Whether you are an experienced hunter or looking for a new and exciting adventure, this trip offers a unique opportunity to test your limits, experience Canada's outstanding nature and return home with stories of an adventure you will never forget. Book your hunting adventure today and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Travel & accommodation

Your hunting trip starts with a flight from Sweden to one of Canada's airports. Upon arrival, you will be met by our professional guides who will help you collect your firearm from the police. You will then begin the final leg of your journey to the hunting grounds and your accommodation.

Here, surrounded by the magnificent Canadian nature, you will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of the wilderness and the thrill of the hunt.

Your hunting trip begins with a hearty breakfast before setting out with your experienced guides. The hunt takes place in a 2:1 constellation, which means that two hunters share a guide. This arrangement gives you the opportunity to share the experiences and strengthen the community, which is often much appreciated.

You leave from the lodge by UTV or pickups that take you up the mountains to strategic viewpoints. From here you scout with binoculars to identify the best places to sneak up and find the right bear in the right situation. The hunt usually takes place during the mornings and afternoons, with a lunch break in the middle of the day.

Lunch is often served down at the lodge, but during the warm spring sun, you might enjoy lunch at a beautiful viewpoint up in the mountains. Our partner in Canada often says that the best time to hunt black bear is in spring, when nature comes to life after winter. The grass turns green, the trees bloom, and the spring sun shines down on the right black bear emerging from the dense greenery of the forest.

In the evenings, a good dinner is served in the dining room where you share hunting stories from Sweden and listen to the guides talk about their adventures in the Canadian wilderness. After a nice shower, a good night's sleep awaits before the hunt continues the next day.

If you have already killed your bear, there is the possibility to hunt wolf or another bear. Alternatively, you can join your hunting companion as a spectator and continue to enjoy the experience. In the evenings, the lodge offers good drinks and stories from the week's eventful hunts.

If all hunters have killed their game and feel satisfied, you may choose to head down to the city earlier than planned to spend the last few days in Calgary before heading home to Sweden.

When you're not hunting, you can take part in various excursions and leisure activities. Explore the stunning scenery from horseback, go fishing or visit local game dealers. We customize the activities according to your wishes to ensure a complete and memorable experience.

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From 69.995kr per person

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Going on a hunting trip means new experiences and memories for life. Unfortunately, it's not possible to control everything that happens, and sometimes unexpected things happen that can cause problems. So it's good to be insured both before and during your trip.

Often the travel protection included in home insurance and credit cards does not cover everything you need or want.

To make you feel as safe as possible when traveling with us, we have chosen to cooperate with Europeiska ERV, which has over 100 years in the industry. Together with Europeiska ERV, we offer their Travel Insurance Plus and Cancellation Protection. If you want to know more or want to take out an insurance, please contact us and we will help you with this.