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Ibex hunting Kyrgyzstan

Join us on this challenging and spectacular hunting adventure in the wilderness of Kyrgyzstan, where the goal is to bag an impressively large Ibex! Mountain Ibex hunting in Asia offers an adrenaline-filled experience that requires both physical endurance and hunting skills.


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Hunting in Kyrgyzstan

94.990 kr per person

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The hunt takes place at 3000-5000 meters above sea level and often in difficult and rough terrain. This challenging and beautiful environment with rapid weather changes and varying winds provides a wonderful challenge both physically and in terms of hunting!

This trip takes you to some of the most remote and untouched places in Kyrgyzstan, where the raw beauty of the landscape is combined with the thrill of the hunt. You will navigate through dramatic mountain landscapes, often from horseback, providing an authentic and intense hunting experience.

Our experienced hunting guides, who are well versed in the local game and terrain, will lead you throughout the adventure. They have access to the best hunting grounds and are dedicated to creating memorable experiences for each participant. The guides manage the game with the utmost professionalism, ensuring a responsible and successful hunt.

Hunting Ibex in these mountains means facing the challenges of nature up close, but the reward is a hunting experience like no other. In addition to the hunt, you'll enjoy the camaraderie of basecamp, with delicious Asian food and stories from the day's adventure.

Whether you are an experienced hunter or looking for a new and exciting adventure, this trip offers a unique opportunity to test your limits, experience Kyrgyzstan's outstanding nature and return home with stories of an adventure you will never forget. Book your hunting adventure today and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Travel & accommodation

We start the trip by flying from Sweden to Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan. At the airport, our partner is waiting to help you in customs to get your weapons out. When everything is ready, the journey up to the hunting ground starts.


For this hunting adventure, careful preparation is essential. We will provide you with all the necessary documentation from Swedish Customs and Kyrgyzstan Customs, so you can focus on the adventure. Before the hunt starts, you will have the opportunity to shoot your weapons, go through the hunting plan, equipment and train with the horses.

The adventure begins with a journey up the majestic mountains to your 'basecamp', where you will spend the next week. Basecamp consists of a simple but comfortable cabin equipped with all the necessities. It is located at an altitude of approximately 3,600 meters, and from here you will depart each morning.

Hunting in this rugged and magnificent environment is mainly done from horseback, as long as the terrain allows it. Once you have located an impressive Ibex, the final approach is on foot to get as close as possible.

If you are following a big Ibex during the day and it is too far to return to basecamp, you will spend the night in a "spike camp" higher up in the mountains. This camp consists of simple tents, but offers a true wilderness experience.

Breakfast and dinner are usually served in basecamp, while a simple lunch is taken out in the field. The food served in basecamp is delicious Asian food, which differs from the usual Swedish diet but offers a culinary experience.

If someone in the group has already killed their Ibex, there is the possibility to hunt wolf or an additional Ibex. It is also possible to join your hunting companion as a spectator and experience the hunt from the side. Evenings are spent in the camp, where you can enjoy a drink and share stories about the day's adventure.

If all hunters have killed their prey and feel satisfied with the hunt, there is the possibility to go down to the city earlier than planned. The last few days can then be spent in Bishkek, where you can explore the city's sights before flying home to Sweden.

This is not just a hunting trip, but a unique opportunity to experience Kyrgyzstan's wild and unspoiled nature, create memories for life and return home with tales of a real adventure.

Good to know!

It is possible to bring your own weapon to Kyrgyzstan, although it is more complicated than in Europe. We recommend that you bring weapons that are fired at 200-500 meters. Once in place, you will have to re-fire your weapons as the height difference can affect the ballistics.



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94.990kr per person

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Going on a hunting trip means new experiences and memories for life. Unfortunately, it's not possible to control everything that happens, and sometimes unexpected things happen that can cause problems. So it's good to be insured both before and during your trip.

Often the travel protection included in home insurance and credit cards does not cover everything you need or want.

To make you feel as safe as possible when traveling with us, we have chosen to cooperate with Europeiska ERV, which has over 100 years in the industry. Together with Europeiska ERV, we offer their Travel Insurance Plus and Cancellation Protection. If you want to know more or want to take out an insurance, please contact us and we will help you with this.