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Hunting trip to Mauritius

Drive hunting for Rusa deer and Indonesian wild boar

Mauritius is a fantastic destination that offers an exciting combination of exotic hunting and relaxing sun holidays. Here you can enjoy unique experiences and hunting adventures in an enchanting environment.

For three days, you can take part in a drive hunt for Rusa deer and Indonesian wild boar. After an exciting hunt, relax and enjoy a delicious lunch of grilled seafood aboard a catamaran. You can also visit one of the island's rum distilleries and explore the beautiful white beaches, palm trees and sunshine.

If you wish, we can also arrange fishing, golf or diving to further enhance your trip. Mauritius offers world class deep sea fishing, fantastic diving experiences on the coral reefs and beautiful golf courses for you to enjoy.

We have developed a nice package where you don't have to think about anything else but enjoying the fantastic experiences. If you have special requests, we can customize the trip in collaboration with our colleagues at Hummingbird Lifestyle Travel. For example, you can request a fishing day or extend your stay by a few extra days.

One advantage of this trip is that it is perfect for couples who want to enjoy a vacation together while combining different interests. If both do not want to participate in the hunting days, one person can do the hunting while the other enjoys the beach. In the afternoon and evening, you can then reunite to enjoy the sun together. For the remaining days, in addition to the three included in our suggested package, you can spend time together exploring all that Mauritius has to offer.

About wildlife in Mauritius

The Rusa deer is a species that is slightly smaller than a red deer and is distinguished by its straight and tall antlers. They have a coarse coat compared to many other deer, and their antlers appear relatively large in relation to their body. An impressive trophy from a Rusa deer can have three long spines on each side and be about one meter high.

Rusa deer are usually found in herds.

Today, Mauritius has one of the world's strongest populations of Rusa deer.

The story of how the Rusa deer first came to the island has several different versions.

One explanation is that a Dutch ship sailed from the island of Java in Indonesia in 1639 and passed through Mauritius. The ship encountered problems on board that forced them to disembark on the island. The ship was carrying live Rusa deer and Indonesian wild boar to be taken from Java to Holland.

When a powerful cyclone passed by and destroyed the entire camp, the animals managed to escape and escape on the island.

As there were no predators on the island, the deer were able to reproduce undisturbed for many years until the French arrived in the 18th century, by which time the deer population had already become large enough for hunting.

Since then, the population of Rusa deer on the island has been well managed and new bloodlines have been introduced to strengthen the population.

Now, almost 400 years later, Mauritius has one of the densest populations of Rusa deer in the world and they are an important part of the island's wildlife. It is estimated that there are over 60 000 deer on the island today.

Due to the hilly terrain and tropical environment of Mauritius, along with the sharp senses and instincts of the Rusa deer, these deer offer a very exciting and challenging hunt that is different from other forms of deer hunting.

It is truly an amazing experience to hunt these fascinating animals in the tropical environment of Mauritius.

The quest for Mauritius

Hunting in Mauritius is done in two ways, arrow hunting and driven hunting.

In Mauritius, you can take part in exciting hunting experiences with both arrow hunting and driven hunting. During the arrow hunt, you hunt with an experienced PH (Professional Hunter) and sneak up on different groups of animals to hunt the right individual.

Here you have the opportunity to hunt really old and impressively large deer. The management of the deer population is so good that the chances of killing medal deer, which are older and have impressive antlers, are high during the arrow hunt.

Drive hunts can be carried out in different ways, but the most common method is to use traditional drive chains with dogs driving the animals in front of them.

During our drive hunt in Mauritius, we hunt both Rusa deer and Indonesian wild boar during three days. We will be a group of at least five hunters during the drive hunt and expect to kill about 5-12 animals per person during these three days. The package includes up to 12 Rusa deer per person, which can be both smaller deer and hinds, as well as unlimited wild boar. If you wish and have the possibility to kill more Rusa deer, this is also possible.

We provide rental guns specially adapted for driven hunting in Mauritius, as it is difficult to import Swedish guns to the island.

During drive hunting, a delicious lunch is served at the hunting lodge. The food can vary, but it is common to enjoy grilled delicacies of Rusa deer with delicious side dishes.

At the end of the day, there is a ceremonial unveiling and measurement of any trophies.

If you wish to shoot a medal deer during the drive hunt or even conduct a pyrrhic hunt during the week, this is possible. A Rusa deer that reaches gold status costs around €2,500.

More information on the trip and accommodation can be found here:
Hunting tripto Mauritius

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69.995kr per person

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Frequently asked questions for our hunting trips

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring your own weapon to Mauritius during this trip. Therefore we include rental guns in the price of this trip. These hunting weapons are adapted to the type of hunting we will be doing.

Unfortunately, silencers are not allowed in many countries. Countries where silencers are not allowed include Poland, Croatia and Spain. Always double-check the laws and regulations before departure.

Upon booking, a deposit of 30% of the total amount will be invoiced and must be paid within 10 days. Closer to departure, the remaining amount is invoiced, the remaining amount must be paid no later than 40 days before departure. Any trap fees will be invoiced after returning home.

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Going on a hunting trip means new experiences and memories for life. Unfortunately, it's not possible to control everything that happens, and sometimes unexpected things happen that can cause problems. So it's good to be insured both before and during your trip.

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